Who We Are

Where we’ve been

KLEEN MOTO was founded in central Illinois by a couple of guys who used to stumble around in a dimly lit garage looking for ways to increase the performance and visual appeal of their own motorcycles. It started with a passion for motorcycles and the constant drive to improve performance, function and aesthetics. We realize that these things are not mutually exclusive, yet our vision is that they must work together in harmony to yield a truly special product. We truly believe in all of these things for every product regardless of its ultimate function and whether it will be hidden or visible to the eye.

Where we’re going

We're super excited how far we've come! From starting with your basic run of the mill bolt on parts and evolving into full custom design and product development that we're now able to offer to you. Stay tuned, we’ve constantly got the hamster wheels turning looking for ways to bring new and innovative products to the market.